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These Photos speak for themselves! Look at this wonderful old brick home before and AFTER a paint stripping with our products..Amazing!



Posted: April 14, 2011 in About Us, Construction, Diedrich Tech, Plastic, Products

Sandell Plastics, a division of Sandell Manufacturing, Co., Inc has been successfully manufacturing products for over 70 years.  Sandell Plastics specializes in custom extrusion for a variety of industries.

Employing Rigid PVC, ABS, High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, and Flexible PVC, our products are of the highest quality and exceed industry standards.

With efficient in-stock resources, our customers receive significant cost effective solutions, guaranteed to fulfill their requirements.  On site planning and production, dictates timely delivery and consistent product specifications.

Sandell Plastics caters to a vast market, providing the utmost service and superior products.  Sandell’s ability to diversify, has kept our process the most innovative concept in this area.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge and the wealth of experience our company has acquired through the years, as well as our excellent reputation within the industry.

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Photos of a Paint Stripping project underway using our products. Years of old paint layers are striped away from this red brick school restoring it to it’s former beauty!

123 South Main Street Project
Here are some pictures of a job that we did utilizing your products. We used 101, 101G, and 606. We also performed repair and staining on this job. On this job we won a local historic preservation award. Th…e owners of this building also submitted and won a Main Street Award through the National Main Street award program for building facade restoration.After the repair was finished we used NECT-90 to stain the masonry repairs to blend.
Justin Raymer Masonry Restoration Inc

Ladies and Gentlemen …… Sandell’s Copper Seal Self Adhering Flashing
This is a non-asphaltic, self -adhering membrane possessing all the waterproofing qualities of traditional copper fabric flashing with a self adhesive polymer butyl backing


Copper Seal Self Adhering Flashing

Here are some pictures of a historic building in Canada being cleaned with the 101 Masonry Restorer.